Cancer Patients Save up to 100% on Select Medications

Each year more than 150,000 Americans of reproductive age are diagnosed with cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation, while highly effective against cancer, may cause irreversible damage to reproductive issues. Fortunately, fertility preservation options exist to give cancer survivors the chance to build a family in the future. However, these costs are generally not covered by insurance providers. The ReUnite Oncofertility Program was created to reduce this financial burden by offering up to a 100% discount on select fertility medications based on financial need.


• Follistim AQ (2,700 IU Maximum)
• Ganirelix (5 Syringe Maximum)
• Pregnyl (1 Vial Maximum)


• Self-pay patient (no fertility drug benefits)
• Female patients requiring cancer treatments affecting their fertility
• No prior chemotherapy
• Completed Oncologist Form
• Current proof of income (1040 tax document)


1. Download the Oncologist Form
2. Ask your oncologist to complete and sign the form.
3. Enroll online. You will be asked to upload the completed Oncologist Form and current 1040 tax form.
4. Contact MDR and provide us with the ID number listed on your approval letter.