Donors, Surrogates and Recipients

CoupleInConsultationWe understand deciding on a third party reproductive cycle requires specialized care and sensitivity. MDR’s extensive experience in infertility has led to the development of many innovative, problem solving programs to help improve patient comfort and reduce any stress created during this complex and hopefully successful and fulfilling journey. We understand the unique requirements necessary to coordinate donor, surrogate and third party cycles.

As previously noted, we provide timely delivery to anywhere required, ensuring the right medications are received at the right time. Billing is efficient and convenient with several options available and there are never any additional costs to the recipient for the medications. Our experienced, dedicated third party coordinators work directly with your clinic and insurance providers to ensure every step of the treatment process is coordinated and handled with the utmost confidence.

Over the past two decades, MDR has successfully assisted over 15,000 third party cycles. This number is growing as MDR is the preferred pharmacy choice for many donor agencies.

Our program includes customized order forms and anonymous packaging of medications.

Single Patients and Same Sex Partners

As previously noted, our third party coordinators have extensive experience working with a wide variety of donors, surrogates and expectant parents. We understand that families come in all shapes and sizes. No matter what the shape of your family-to-be, our experienced staff will be with you every step of the way to ensure the medication portion of your experience is professionally coordinated with a personalized service plan designed specifically for you.

Single patients as well as same sex couples have distinctive needs when deciding on a family building plan. There are numerous choices and sometimes complex arrangements to be made. MDR’s coordinated customer service programs will help guide you through this process. We are committed to helping patients achieve their dreams of parenthood.